by No Altars

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Recorded at Ubik Recordings


released April 24, 2013



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No Altars Phoenix, Arizona



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Track Name: Devil In My Soul
I stand bare
with my hands bloody,
as I scream
it was the Devil in me.

I stand alone
with nobody to hold,
as I scream
it was the Devil in my soul.


No vindication for what was said.
I am barely breathing,
wishing I was dead
Track Name: Truth Be Told
No need to lie,
my world is dying,
and so am I.
Now my soul has died.
The thought of you,
Tears me apart inside.
I once had you,
but now we're lost in time.
I am shamed,
all I can do is hide
in hell where no one can hear my cries.
I had everything,
That I ever dreamed.
Now it's gone,
How can this be?
7 years,
Yet it seems to have not meant a thing.
All my fears,
Have become reality.

Carry this 'til I grow old.
This pain will never fold,
and this hole in my soul,
will never fucking close.
That's all I want to be
That's all I'll ever be
Truth be told, my soul was sold.
For Lucifer is I,
Permissions granted, but in exchange your patience is mine
Track Name: Shadow Of The Damned
All questions,
No answers.
Lord, kill me, much faster.
Some solace, I seek.
All sorrow, no glee.
Why? Why? Why? Why?
A truth that I refuse to believe,
There is no hope in my means.
Demons plague, my sleep.
This evil weighs, on my feet.
The depths below are calling me.

Hell is blinding, I can't see.
Shadow of the damned in me,
I can't breathe.
A cancer of my being,
A bastard of my dreams.

This despair and pain,
Won't seem to go away.
This disgust and hate,
Won't seem to fade.
My burdens yesterday,
Are problems of today.
My problems yesterday,
Are burdens of today.

With suicide, on my mind,
I now know it's time,
To end this life,
Why live when I can fucking die?
I never stood a chance,
It was all in my past.
Why live when I can fucking die?
Track Name: Detriment Of My Existence
The detriment of my existence
A fate with no escape
An endless struggle for meaning
A life with no conselation

Inconsistent dedication
Incompetent solutions
A problem,
that can be solved by death.
A painful trial,
with no end.

Deluded, your ashes had
turned to dust.
Yet plagued 'til dawn,
beginning from dusk.

Demons taking over,
and the devil is over my
As flames begins to rise,
my heart becomes colder.

A devilish act
From this horror, I can't go back.

No prayers,
No signs of hope,
No better tomorrow
allowing me to cope